Many of us who are LGBTIQ have grown up in religious traditions that have shamed us for our sexuality. We were caught in a bind between our sexuality and our spirituality. Whether we’ve stuck with those traditions or left them behind, there’s a lot we have to figure out. We face more obstacles than most straight people and have fewer institutional resources to draw on. How do we find our way?

My name is David. I help LGBTIQ persons find and follow a spiritual path that fits them. I would love to be a companion to you on your journey. I do not have a predetermined path for you to follow. Rather, my role is to walk beside you and help you discern, step by step, how to stay faithful to your inner voice of love and wisdom. Check out the info on spiritual companionship. If you identify as gay, you might take a look at my blog. And if it seems right to you, let’s set up a time to get acquainted.

New blog entries will post on Wednesdays, 9:30 am EST. I write mostly about the gay journey because that is my experience. I leave it to others to write about the other colors of the rainbow. At the same time, we have so much in common. I would love to be a companion on your journey, wherever you are on LGBTIQ spectrum.