Gay Spirituality

To Find Our Freedom

The world is the river of God, Flowing from him and flowing back to him. ~ Shvetashvatara Upanishad Is there any force on earth more powerful than a river? Waterfalls have always fascinated me. I’ve meandered through the mountains of North Carolina, mesmerized by waterfall after waterfall. I’ve stood on the border between New York… Continue reading To Find Our Freedom

Gay Spirituality

The Pursuit of Pleasure

(8-minute read) First before all sprang Kama [Desire] into being. Gods, fathers, mortal men have never matched him. Stronger than these art thou, and great forever. Kama, to thee, to thee I offer worship. ~ Atharva Veda When Brahma created the world, the Indian myth says, he brought all its creatures into being by thinking… Continue reading The Pursuit of Pleasure