Spiritual Companionship

As LGBTQ+ persons, it is not easy to find people with whom we can share our inner lives honestly and openly. Spiritual companionship offers you that kind of relationship with someone who is attentive, nonjudging, and knowledgeable about the spiritual journey.

Would you consider letting me be a companion on your journey?

I am a listener, a counselor, a mentor. I am not a psychotherapist, though I have learned much from psychology and have offered pastoral counseling. I bring the empathy of someone who knows the LGBTQ+ experience from the inside. I will be attentive to you, accept you, appreciate the complexities of your life, and offer you the freedom to explore.

I have a rich background in spirituality. I was an evangelical pastor for over twenty years before coming out. I’ve studied spirituality on the master’s and doctoral levels at Catholic universities and read deeply on the Orthodox tradition of prayer. In recent years, I’ve broadened my practice to include Buddhist and Hindu approaches to meditation. Classical yoga, the ancient, meditative ancestor of modern exercise yoga, is the core of my practice these days, supplemented with practices from Christian spirituality and other traditions. I have taught introductory college classes on all the major religions, including Taoism, Islam, and more.

What all this means is that I can walk with you if your path takes you into any of these traditions. And I can walk with you if you choose an interspiritual path, weaving together practices from two or more traditions. I especially encourage those from conservative Christian backgrounds to reach out to me, since that is my background too. Whatever your path, I will be there to help you discern the way ahead, to help you overcome obstacles, and to suggest new territory for your exploration.

I usually meet with clients for an hour every other week, though I am available more often if needed. We can connect by video call, or if you are in the Washington, DC area, meet in person occasionally. My rates in most cases range from $65 to $95 per hour (click for details).

If you work with me, you will have

  • A safe place to talk about your spirituality, your sexuality, and your life.
  • A relationship that nurtures your healing and personal growth.
  • Insights from a knowledgeable guide.
  • Encouragement to grow into your gifts and purpose.
  • The freedom, guidance, and support to find your own path to transcendence.

If you are considering asking me to be your spiritual companion, you might want to reflect on three questions:

  1. Are you willing and able to talk about your experiences with someone you trust?
  2. Do you sense a desire for meaning or transcendence in your life?
  3. Are you willing to explore a contemplative practice such as meditation?

If you answer yes to these questions I invite you to contact me. Let’s set up a time to talk further.


You can learn more about spiritual companionship at  Spiritual Directors International. I ascribe to the ethical guidelines of SDI.